A teenage belgian died of toxic shock caused by her tampon

A young Belgian of 17 years died Thursday, January 9, at Charleroi, died of “toxic shock syndrome” (TSS) caused by the use of a buffer. In an interview granted to the Belgian website, RTL Info, her mother recounts the events. On Monday, January 6 in the evening, a doctor diagnosed gastro-intestinal tract to the young woman of Samzée. Her condition did not improve, she was hospitalized the next day for fever and vomiting, symptoms that are common to gastro-enteritis and TBS. The young woman is finally transferred to an intensive care unit and diagnosed. She died on Wednesday, January 9, at the hospital.

Symptoms similar to those of the gastrointestinal

The toxic shock syndrome (CTS) is a rare, potentially severe, related to a bacterial infection. In France, 24 cases have been reported in 2017. GER is caused by golden staph (Staphylococcus aureus), a bacteria which can produce toxins in contact with buffer gold cups are menstrual. Sti symptoms are difficult to identify, and are often confused with those of gastro-enteritis. It is manifested first of all by the stunnings and a sensation ofextreme fatigue. Then the fever rises and other symptoms appear : vomiting, diarrhea, headache, sore throat. The organization focuses sti efforts on the vital organs at the expense of the extremities, which can lead in some boxes to amputations.


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Syndrome too little known

In 2012, the fashion model Lauren Wasser has caused a wave of shock by revealing to have lost both legacies of the suites of the SCT. Since then, the media coverage of this affection continued, but should still be intensified. On Facebook, the mother of the young woman testifies : “Maëlle knew the danger and was doubly vigilant. It has not spared… And no… It doesn’t happen to others.” By testifying, she hopes to make women aware of the dangers of toxic shock. “Think about your protections, and most importantly, inform, for the death of Maëlle could prevent other…”

Bereaved, this mother doesn’t want them to physicians, aim insists on the need to better inform the medical staff : “Maëlle has been very well taken care of. I would like the doctors, the first doctor, the doctor, the nurses or the paramedics, could perhaps ask the question ‘Is this that you wear a tampon?’ when one has symptoms of a gastro-intestinal tract”, she said.

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