AirPods Pro : the firmware 2C54 degrades actually the effectiveness of the active noise reduction

The firmware 2C54 delivered to the owners of AirPods Pro in mid-December, and since removed by Apple, reduces the level of active isolation of noise according to a test carried out by the site RTings. It was one of the hypotheses raised by several users who were perceived to be less performing the function feature of the new wireless headphones after installation (automatic) of this update (read : AirPods : the firmware 2C54 seems to cause problems to some).

To the left, with the firmware 2B588 ; to the right, with the firmware 2C54.

The site, which has made a speciality of perform batteries of tests are very accurate to the helmets and headsets, has updated stis survey of the sound insulation of the active AirPods Pro after the firmware 2C54. The performance of noise cancellation are on the decline “pretty significant “compared to the previous measure,” especially in the bass “.

Once the ANC is turned on, the headphones will not offer the same level of insulation as before to block the rumblings of a jet engine gold bus. The removal of this firmware have been fast enough, it is possible that you do not have to suffer from this bug. But if this is the case, it only remains to wait for Apple update that we hope to fast enough.

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