Ais mum : the singer has adopted a baby boy !

Pink diary for Sia which becomes a mom for the first time in 44 years. The singer australia has just adopted a little boy !

It is in the magazine, GQ that the superstar made the announcement, thus breaking his golden rule of keep a maximum of mystery about his private life. The singer wigs has not, however, given any detail on the age or the name of a new member of his family.

During this interview, she is also entrusted on her sexual life and about her relationship with… Diplo ! “In our relationship, we spend most of our time to avoid having sex, because it would ruin our professional relationship, because it must be said that he is super hot,”she said about the ex-boyfriend of Katy Perry. Sia, therefore, would have feel a message to the DJ to put things flat with him. “This year, I wrote him an SMS and I said to him : ‘Listen, you’re one of the five persons for whom I have the most sexual attraction. Purpose today, I decided to stay single for the rest of my life and I just adopted a boy. I don’t have time to devote to a love story. If you are interested in a relationship without attachment, tell me !” The story does not say that Diplo answered him !

Terrée in secret since 2014, the singer reveals rarely his face has experienced a great tragedy in his life. Her ex-boyfriend Dan Pontifex died in a car accident in Thailand in 1997, then he had to join her in London. She is dedicating her album Healing Is Difficult, in 2001. She reached the peak of his depression in 2004 and developed year addiction to alcohol. Of through 2016, she is married to filmmaker Erik Anders Lang. It is at the beginning of this relationship, she began to wear wigs.

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