Alexia Duchêne (Top Chef) : at age 24, she opened her first restaurant

In 2019, the viewers have made his acquaintance on M6. Alexia Duchêne was participating at the time of the season 10 of Top Chef. His culinary talents have earned him access to the semi-finals of the program through the brigades d’Hélène Darroze and Jean-François Piège. Today, it is solo that it leads to his boat, because at the end of the month of December last, the young woman has had the opportunity to open his first restaurant, named Datscha.

In the month of may, she was already engaged to this subject in the micro “I open a restaurant in the Marais, in Paris. This will be open only in the evening, small plates focused on the plants, the fish, with influences from everywhere. The restaurant will be called Datsha, it means ‘house’ in Russian. The idea is that the people living in this house, they eat at the restaurant, they drink a glass… That they have the feeling that there is no need to go elsewhere, “she said. The ascension has been meteoric for Alexia, who is just 24 years old. Previously, it has been proven in the kitchens of Taillevent in Paris, but also abroad, and more especially in London and in Copenhagen where she joined the teams of michelin-starred restaurants.

With his first restaurant, Alexia account to do things as she wishes, starting with the recruitment. In an interview for Cheek Magazine, the head has entrusted to us will be surrounded by people you trust : “in The beginning, my team consisted of friends, then I had to recruit other people, because some·e·s left the project.” In addition, it reveals to have been the target of criticism for having a team exclusively composed of men. “I was much criticized on the fact that I had no girl in my team, but I have always refused to hire a girl because she was a girl. It is even more discriminatory to me.” All the more that Alexia knows the conditions of work complicated for a woman in the kitchen. In the kitchens of restaurants, the michelin-starred, the guys who put you hand in the ass, that speak you evil… I received text messages when I was 15, at 2 o’clock in the morning, guys who were telling me : ‘Come with me tonight’ and all… Well yeah, you guys are eggs. I mean, at a given time, it is necessary that it stops“, swung it with Melty. Anyway, Alexia is proud to be at the head of a restaurant that is innovative and ambitious, which is on track to meet a frank success. The beginning of a crazy success story.

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