Alice Taglioni : Young mother teases to her lover Laurent Delahousse

Saturday 11 January 2020, Alice Taglioni revealed on the plateau d’It isn’t lying that she had become a mum for the third time. On France 5, Wednesday, 15 January, she was again invited to the television to do the promo of the movie I would like that someone told me to wait somewhere. In C to you, his most recent confinement had been remitted on the carpet, and the actress also took the opportunity to mock gently the father : her sweetheart, Laurent Delahousse

On the plateau d’Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, Alice Taglioni was able to view a sequence recent in the course of which the physician and popular host Michel Cymes had referred to “the syndrome Delahousse“, in reference to his fiery eyes often mocked on the Canvas during his interviews. A look of seduction that door squarely a name scientifically, since it is described as the “palpebral“. Invited to respond, the actress 43-year-old has tried to dodge… “It’s unconscious, we don’t know, eh. I myself have not, no ?“, she reacted first before opting in the wake for the card of humor by parodying her lover with a discreet “good evening,” dropped in a look of half-closed. “Ah yes I have,“she pleased while her partner, Jean-Paul Rouve, was a little mocking. “It’s more interesting this issue“, he let go.

The same Jean-Paul Rouve has been referred to by the moderator who took the opportunity to send stis congratulations to the actress about the recent birth of her baby, a little boy. “You want to remove the glass of wine to Alice, please ? You are a happy mom, congratulations, congratulations… And Jean-Paul balance you saying about the tv shows that you are breast-feeding, but that you drink wine“, launched Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. Alice Taglioni was then confided : “It’s balance, yes, it is true. No, but I don’t drink ! Striggered b not. I had soaked my lips !

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