Amber Heard has found love in the arms of another woman

Love shines under the stars of Hollywood. After a divorce more than heated with Johnny Depp, it has background of domestic violence, Amber Heard enjoys a sweeter life. The actress of 33-year-old has learned how to boost confidence and have found the shoe that fits, if we are to believe the recent photographs taken in Los Angeles. The woman of his heart ? Producer Bianca Butti, who has worked on tv shows (Love & Hip Hop), as well as on feature films (an American in Texas), as a producer, or are currently on the romantic comedy Hank and Asha.

The couple has been sighted, on January 12, 2020, at the exit of the hotel, Colony Palms, and then in his luxury vehicle, a Ford Mustang scarlet. You are surprised to see Amber Heard in love with another woman ? It is that you are not familiar with its course, nor artistic nor sentimental. In December 2010, during the evening of the 25th anniversary of the GLAAD (the Alliance gay and lesbian against defamation), it was announced to be bisexual , and had the opportunity to present his girlfriend of the time, Tasya van Ree. : “Clearly it was difficult because nobody had done it, explained it by the following Ellen DeGeneres. I did this in spite of the fact that I had warned her that it would put an end to my career.

It is a lot less scary than the first time

It is a sweet news for Bianca Butti, who coos in the arms of Amber Heard. The last few years have not been easy for her. After doctors have diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 at the age of 34 years, she has had to undergo a surgical operation and chemotherapy to get by… before they found a second cancer in march 2019. “It’s a lot less scary than the first time, she wrote on GoFundMe. I had already done a lot of research on cancer in general. Then for the second round, I was more patient, better informed about my options, my various treatments.” Out of the woods, the filmmaker now lives his ideal scenario.

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