Anna Faris engaged to Michael Barrett : Allison Janney confirms the rumor

Anna Faris is officially betrothed with his friend Michael Barrett. The info is officially confirmed by his partner in Mom, Allison Janney.

“I know that she is engaged for a long time’, said the star of “Scandal (60 years) to Us Weekly at the premiere of Troop Zero at the Pacific Theatres at The Grove in Los Angeles on Monday 13 January. “I didn’t say anything until you know it ! So I celebrated it with ‘ em a long time ago.”

Even so, this demand seems to be a total surprise because Allison Janney had no idea that Barrett was going to run. “I didn’t know he was going to do her request, but, one day, I saw the ring. I went in his room to work on replicas, and I said : ‘what is this ring on your finger ?’ I think she was waiting for someone to notice her… And she replied ‘Oh it is done !’”

The rumors of this request are at since the month of last November when the star of Scary Movie has been spotted wearing a huge diamond ring in Los Angeles at the side of the director of photography of the movie Ted. When the paparazzi commended her, she responded simply “thank you”.

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt were married in 2009 after two years of relationship. Their son, Jack, will celebrate in August next 7 years. The couple had announced their breakup in August 2017 and the divorce was finalized last October. Anna Faris and Michael Barrett were spotted together for the first time just two months later.

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