Anne-Claire Coudray, her looks at JT : its tip to win unanimous

Since its arrival in 2015 on the antennae of TF1, Anne-Claire Coudray has emerged as the worthy replacement of Claire Chazal. This each weekend in the journal of 13h and 20h, the beautiful journalist of 42 years, provides a true hard work and is rewarded by 5 million viewers who watch it. Our colleagues of Paris followed during a whole day at his place of work, the editorial conference, in writing of its launches, not to mention sti’s passage to the make-up. In its day, fast-paced, Anne-Claire Coudray, with careful attention to detail in particular : her outfit.

In fact, as much as a topic or a story, his look is chosen with care, for the purpose of agreeing to the largest number. “We talk to people from very different horizons, this goes through what I wear. It should not hurt anyone. A pattern gold has garment unstructured can take on a message that we must deliver, “explains the former war journalist. And to add : “I have to contend with all of these tastes are contradictory. I adapt to the news. I change my outfit if there is a drama.” But his attention to detail is not always recognized by the public, likely to be very picky. Her makeup artist, Sabine, knows something since she has found that “it responds very quickly“. “Of viewers write about the color of his shoes, others don’t support that, she dresses in black, “says The Parisian. Now, Anne-Claire Coudray, however, can boast of mastering this action with class and natural. The daily also tells us that to compose her looks, “she draws in her own wardrobe gold outfits have been slow by designers“.

Very demanding on her work, Anne-Claire Coudray is also on it-even trying to have a good diet, purpose, especially through participation in sports. Thus, it provides make it to the bathroom once per week. However, it has not yet achieved the objective that it would like to. “I would like to lose a few pounds but I don’t have the will” has fun-t-it. It must be said that the presenter juggles a busy schedule. In addition to its marathon every weekend on TF1, she also takes care of his daughter Amalia of four years, born of his romance with his companion Nicolas Vix.

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