Anne Hathaway Strapless XL and sequins, a month after giving birth

The star Princess although she has not confirmed the date of birth or even the sex of her second child. According to People, she would have given birth last December. With her husband, Adam Schulman, she is also the mother of a little boy named Jonathan, now 3 years old. The maternity leave of Anne Hathaway didn’t last long though, as she continued her activities as an actress until October 2019, with a very round belly.

The pretty brunette had announced the arrival of his second child on the 24th of July last, on his account Instagram. She then multiplied the confidences on this new pregnancy, particularly on the sensitive subject of infertility : “For all those who face the hell that is infertility, and the design, be aware that the path has not been easy for any of my two pregnancies“, she wrote during sti big announcement on the social networks.

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