Apple and others ask Brussels to curb the patent trolls

35 companies and four industry groups have feels a letter to the european Commission to take action against patent trolls, reports the Financial Times. Among the signatories, Apple, Microsoft, or BMW.

This grouping emphasizes that the patent trolls, companies that amass patents for the sole purpose of extracting then the money to other businesses, stifle innovation.

The signatories call for Thierry Breton, the new european commissioner for the internal market, ” to draw a set of guidelines that address the existing imbalances in the patent system, and more particularly of the guidelines that support the application of a principle of proportionality in the decisions related to patent cases by the judges through the european Union. “

Apple and Intel have recently attacked jointly by justice (the United States), Fortress Investment Group, a subsidiary of SoftBank that they accused him of being a patent troll.

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