Apple Archive : a ton of clips Apple with never-before-heard AirPower, the iPad and the Mac

How Apple would have made the advertising of the AirPower if it was at the end of the development of this pad support it ? The (Unofficial) Apple Archive may be the answer with this clip , which shows year accessory used by several people. Everyone would have been able to ask, that his watch, which his AirPods, which his iPhone on AirPower, a true gadget “social”.

This little video, unedited, has the trappings of a mock-up as may of creative people who want to test an idea, is one of the countless proposed by Sam Henry Gold. The boy has patiently built up a catalogue of videos, photos, visual of press, ranking them by year. It intends to replace, on Vimeo, the chain EveryAppleVideo ejected from YouTube for copyright issues.

There is absolutely everything on this site. Among the other pubs ever used there is For the iPad Pro , in which Apple asks of its status or not-computer.

Gold this other one that tries to explain the similarities and differences between the iPhone 8 and the X. In both cases it appears more confused than anything else of these views… which can explain that no one has ever crossed these clips. In the novel, there are also those, of 2011, for the MacBook Air that will find stis place in family, among students, or in business.

You were in Paris in September 2000 when Steve Jobs has come to show us the iMac, the iBook, the G4 Cube, and, before anything else, launch the first public beta of Mac OS X ? This keynote will review here.

Those who work in the industry of retail of Apple since the beginning, might be familiar with this clip, which puts the spotlight on Easy Pay, the mobile payment solution in stores. It is a UFO, which is worth a look (1 min 18) if we compare with the communication very civilized of Apple to the outside. Some of these clips are ones that the Apple manufactures for strictly internal use.

A deep dive into the multitude of videos, in the hope that the site does not undergo the wrath of the censors.

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