Apple puts the hand on, a start-up specialized in artificial intelligence in local

Apple has bought, a start-up whose specialty is the development of tools for the recognition of images in which the calculations are made directly on the devices, and not in the cloud. This acquisition, which cost in the $ 200 million, according to over at over at geekwire, will strengthen what is one of the specificities of the platform of Apple, namely the treatment of local data (this is the case of the Memories of Photos, for example). is based in Seattle, one of the strongholds in the world of artificial intelligence. Apple has made sti hole in 2016, via the purchase of Turi. It is also likely that employees of Xnor join their now colleagues of Turi, in the offices of the Apple, in Seattle. A space that will enlarge (read : Apple would be local to Seattle for more than 4 000 employees).

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