Apple TV+ gets his first award for a supporting role

Finally ! Apple can finally count on a reward for one of his productions Apple TV+, even if it is a reward minor of a prize not as prestigious as the Golden Globes or the Oscars. Goal lack of a better term, the manufacturer will always be able to be justly proud of the price offered to Billy Crudup at the Critics’ Choice Awards. The actor has been crowned best secondary actor in a dramatic series for his role of Cory Ellison in The Morning Show, one of the first original series from the firm.

Billy Crudup in The Morning Show (photo Apple TV+).

Fortunately, Apple has won this award, because it was also the only appointment that the company had obtained. The same series of Apple TV+ had more hope for the Golden Globes, with several appointments, a goal that The Morning Show is left empty-handed.

If the company from Cupertino wants to make sti mark with awards for its series, it remains the selection to the more prestigious Oscars, which will be held in February. And it is precisely today, January 13, 2020, that part of the appointments will be known. We will see if the institution do not know the Apple TV+,, or if one or more of its series will be in the list.

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