Apple TV+ : a suspicion of plagiarism hovers around the series Used

You liked complaints between Apple and the rest of the world on patents ? You’ll love the complaints between Hollywood and Apple TV+ ! The first prosecution of its kind for Serving, the series produced by M. Night Shyamalan, the last episode of the season 1 is expected this Friday. Francesca Gregorini, the director of the movie The Truth about Emanuel believes that the series looks much, much too his or her work output in 2013.

We find in the film the principle of unity of place, a couple worked for a secret, a baby-sitter a little shady that nourishes a relationship toxic with the mother of the child, which she keeps… and that is a doll. In the light of these elements, Used as is actually more very far. Is it plagiarism to as much ? For the complainant, there is no doubt about it : the storyline, the characters, the scenes, the choices of mise en scene, modes of narration are “awfully similar ” according to him.

The series and the movie share the same theme, that of a “devotion almost irrational and reciprocal between the mother and the nanny ” related to the loss of the child by the mother, who channels her maternal instincts to a doll. The complaint was filed in Los Angeles. We will see if justice will unravel the real plagiarism of the false trial.

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