Audiences radio : France Inter beats his record, Laurent Ruquier cased on RTL

Tuesday 14 January 2020, the hearings on the radio, period of October-November 2019 fell. And France Inter shows big winner !

The radio station thus remains in the top of the rankings and even beat his record. 6.94 million listeners have listened to it every day, it is 475 000 people more compared to the same period in 2018. A very good news for France Inter, which is hit hard by a strike against a plan of deletion of employment.

The RTL comes in second position, aim quite far behind with 6,57 million listeners, are 46 000 more a year. And NRJ is in third position with the 5.15 million peers of ears.

For France Info and RMC, it is a real blow hard as the first one has lost 319 000 listeners, or 4.56 million people and the second 295 000 fans in less, or 3.91 million listeners.

With regard to Europe 1, this new round of hearings can boost the moral of its employees, as 3.24 million listeners listen to the famous radio station, which is 5 000 more people per year.

On the side of emissions, Laurent Ruquier , and his Big Heads on RTL is still the leader on the slice 16h-18h (the program now begins as early as 15: 30) with 1.3 million listeners (38 000 more people year on year). On this same slice, this is France Inter, which follows : Popopop d’Antoine de Caunes attracts 491 000 people (10 000 less), By Jupiter with Charline Vanhoenacker, Alex Vizorek and Guillaume Meurice maintains stis 825 000 faithful. NRJ is third on the 16h-18h. The issue That Cauet (broadcast from 17h to 20h), presented as its name indicates, by Cauet, brings together including 483 000 fans, it is 98 000 people a year

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