Australia: on a secret mission to save prehistoric trees

A secret mission resulting in the saving of one of the fires that ravaged Australia last natural site in the world pines of Wollemi tree, prehistoric, discovered in 1994, revealed on Wednesday of the leaders.

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Less than 200 of these protected trees still exist in a natural state, hidden in a gorge in the Blue Mountains, an area located in the north-west of Sydney and listed as a world heritage of humanity.

Australie: mission secrète pour sauver des arbres préhistoriques

The region has been affected by one of the fire giants, who beat Australia for several months.

“A mission of environmental protection is unprecedented,” was then carried out to save the trees, said in a press release Matt Kean, minister of the Environment of New South Wales, a State in the south-east of Australia.

The valuable pine, a species older than 200 million years ago, were considered an extinct species until the site was discovered in 1994 in New South Wales in the natural park of Wollemi, hence the name.

The location of the pins, sometimes nicknamed ” trees dinosaurs “, has been a well-kept secret, to protect it from any contamination that could be brought in by visitors.

Australie: mission secrète pour sauver des arbres préhistoriques

At the end of 2019, while the flames were approaching the protected area, the fire fighters of australia have implemented aircraft water bombers to drop the product delaying in a ring protector around the pins.

And specialist trained fire-fighters have been deployed by helicopter into the gorge where hiding in the trees and installed an irrigation system to provide moisture, explained officials.

Since their discovery in 1994, the pines of Wollemi were distributed in botanical gardens throughout the world to preserve the species. But the gorge that has just been saved from the fire is the only site where these trees are still in their natural state.

Australie: mission secrète pour sauver des arbres préhistoriques

And this site is carefully protected. “Visits unlawful to remain a threat to the survival of the pines of Wollemi in the wild due to the risk of trampling the new shoots, and the introduction of diseases that could devastate the remaining population,” said Matt Kean.

Since October, forest fires in australia are killed 28 people, destroyed more than 2,000 homes and burned 10 million hectares, an area larger than South Korea gold Portugal.

Nearly one billion animals could have perished in these fires and many species are now threatened with extinction, according to environmental organizations.