Australia: the rain falls finally on the fire

The rain fell Thursday on the areas of Australia affected by the massive fires that raged there since September, providing year improvement of the quality of the air.

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“Good falls of rain have occurred Thursday morning in the State of New South Wales (south eastern Australia), where are located the blowing out of the most important, said the local bureau of meteorology.

In the neighbouring State of Victoria, the storms that broke out Wednesday evening have helped to dispel the cloud of toxic fumes released by the fire under which suffocated Melbourne since the beginning of the week and that has disrupted the Open tennis.

“The storms have improved the quality of the air in the major part of the State “, announced the Agency for the protection of the environment of the State of Victoria (EPA).

The services of weather with more precipitation by the weekend. If they are confirmed, it would be the period of rainy weather the longest since the beginning of the crisis of the fire in September last.

These rains will be ” our Christmas gift, birthday, engagement, anniversary, wedding, graduation together. One crosses the fingers “, had said earlier in the week the service for rural fire fighting in New South Wales.

Since the beginning of the roaring fires in September, at least 28 people are dead, approximately 1 billion animals may have died, over 2,000 homes have been destroyed and an area of 100 000 square kilometres (10 million hectares) – larger than the land area of South Korea – is in smoke.

Some 30 fires remained out of control Thursday, in New South Wales, according to the department of rural fire fighting.

Related to a drought, particularly severe in Australia, these fires are aggravated by global warming, which scientists predict for a long time that the recurrence of these extreme weather events will only get worse.