Beats sonorise still up! 2.0 Volkswagen

The because Apple is already there ! Well, almost. Volkswagen has announced the opening to the command of the up! 2.0, the new version of its small city car, which is proposed once again in a limited series Beats Audio.

up! 2.0. Image Volkswagen

This finish adds year audio system, the Beats of 300 W (six speakers and a subwoofer) and alloy wheels of 15″, the dark tinted windows and an interior with a dashboard and an upholstery fabric in the colors of the subsidiary of Apple. The Volkswagen up! 2.0 Beats Audio, equipped with an engine 60 hp, is sold 15 865 €. Not to mention a possible compatibility with CarPlay (this was not the case of the first up!).

Series Beats Audio

Volkswagen sells since the end of last year an electric version, thee-up! 2.0 (260 km of autonomy, WLTP, from 17 440 € with the bonus eco-friendly), but not finishing the Beats for it.

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