Beijing Express 2020 : Casting, destination... The first info

Tuesday 14 January 2020, M6 has invited the press to its premises in order to present sti season All Stars of Beijing Express. Purepeople was present in order to discover the first images and the first information of this edition that looks incredible.

This year, the Beijing Express celebrates 15 years. On this occasion, the production has taken the decision to appeal to train candidates for the season called Back on the mythical road. As for the first edition, participants had the chance to fly to Moscow, Russia, for the start of the race. They are also passed through Inner Mongolia to finish in China, Beijing. This year, viewers will have the pleasure of meeting the couple Alizée and Maxime (season 11), the sisters lille Pauline and Aurélie (season 3), the father and son Maurice and Thierry (season 11), the couple Cecilia and Matthew (season 5), lovers of corsican Julie and Denis (season 9), the brothers woodcutters Thomas and Mathieu (season 12). Fabrice, who has attended the last edition with Briac, form once more a pair of strangers with Ingrid (season 7).

All have given the best of themselves in the hope of winning the competition and € 100 000 in game. As told the presenter, Stéphane Rotenberg, during the press conference, the winks to previous seasons have been made. The public to learn of new events, but that of the car is prohibited, as well as the final duel have been preserved.

In the second part of the evening, viewers will be able to follow an alternative Route. After Mehdi and Hoang, it will be the turn of the winners from the Beijing Express 2019, Laetitia and Aurélie, lending themselves to the game.

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