Benjamin Castaldi “pistonné” by a famous leader : “What is the problem ?”

To be a child star is not always a trivial matter. The “sons and daughters” are often criticized when they choose to walk in the footsteps of their parents and because they start in their life, with more likely on their side. A debate that has decided to launch Cyril Hanouna in Touche pas à my post Wednesday, 15 January 2020. On C8, the facilitator, asked his chroniclers if people who bathe in the notoriety since their birth are not preferred. The answer was clear to Benjamin Castaldi. In his eyes, it is obvious that the answer is “yes“.

Because they have the connection, they have the ease of being able to meet people at this time. I was often asked the question when I started : this Is what you’re pistonné ? I’ll say no, of course“, he recognized. Because yes, the ex of Flavie Flament is the son of Jean-Pierre Castaldi and Catherine Allegret – whose adoptive father is no other thanYves Montand , as well as the grandson of the actress Simone Signoret. A lineage of renown that has opened many doors. “I had the chance to know Michel Drucker. So my mother called Michel Drucker as saying : ‘This is Benjamin, he has no job, is-what you’re not a little thing for him ?’” he remembers. Result, Benjamin Castaldi is to be found an intern, to “get coffee“. Early little glorious and yet : “After that, he made me do tests, and he believed in me.”

In the Face of his personal experience, Benjamin Castaldi can only assume the “piston” which he has benefited. “To me, it mind me not so much that there is a piston, in all professions ! You are the son of a butcher, if you have the talent, and well, it, I see no problem. Vincent Cassel, her father was a star. Vincent, it was the circus school, he has worked, he is full of talent, what is the problem ? So honestly, yes. We are privileged because we have access to the things that people do not necessarily have access. Here it is, goal that’s all, “he concludes. A point of view which has not been unanimity around the table…

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