Benjamin (Marseille) : Alix confirms their break-up and annoys

Between Alix and Benjamin, the case has turned sour. After a year of love, they have decided to put an end to their story. It is the young woman who confirmed the sad news on his account Instagram while the rumor swelled for some time. The disappearance of all the photos of the couple on their social networks, had put the chip in the ear of the most curious. In the Face of the excitement generated by their break-up, the candidate of reality tv cam out of the silence. “Yes, Benji and I are separated. And it is our right to the most personal of us not to speak on the subject. Because even if we are in public, learn that our private life we still belongs to us and only to us“, she explained.

Party to relax with friends in Canada, Alix was the subject of other questions. The reason for this ? She has been seen in the company of the rapper Nekfeu. It was not necessary any more for the Canvas ignites about them. The drop too much for the pretty brunette who has pushed a great rant. “Yes, I am in Canada and yes I caught my friend Are there for her concert. It is a friend, nothing more. Stop me to invent a life, really. Actually, Nekfeu was there, but this is not because we are known both that it is necessary to create imaginary stories. (…) It is clear, there is not and there has never been anything between Nekfeu and me.” Very ascent, Alix then said that they felt “forced to reset the clock to the hour, “although she still suffers from her separation with Benjamin. “You don’t seem to grasp that it is separated from little. In your twisted minds, you jump may be on the first come, goal personally, it is not my delirium.” Now that should silence the gossips.

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