Bouygues in turn, has a set-top box fibre with Wi-Fi 6

Bouygues Telecom has presented a new Bbox Wi-Fi 6, the new standard as the iPhone of last generation support and which brings several new features, starting with the best rates. SFR had gone ahead of its competitor by integrating the Wi-Fi 6 in Box 8 is presented to last summer.

The Wi-Fi 6 is still very rare in the box provided by the operators and Bouygues Telecom is hoping to boost the advantage at least on this point. The new box inherits also a few new ideas, with a knob that allows you to control the functions displayed on an LCD screen on the front panel. Of its design, height, reminiscent of the old Wi-Fi routers from Apple, a choice dictated by the positioning of the antennas in height, has explained the company.

The LCD screen on the front panel lights up thanks to a presence sensor, it is controlled with the jog wheel and it has several uses. The box displays a QR code that the user can scan with a smartphone to connect in the wake of the network. It also displays notifications if voicemail is enabled you have messages to listen to, or even diagnosis in case of connection problem. A throughput test is even integrated directly in the box and will be visible on this screen.

At the forefront of the Wi-Fi, Bouygues Telecom remains essentially the gigabit Ethernet on the new router, this also limits the flow rates in the optical fiber. However, the company has found the parade, with a module that can be replaced for the fiber, what to achieve the 10 Gbit/s, which start to emerge in this area. On the back, one will find in spite of everything, Ethernet 10 Gbps, in addition to the four taken standard gigabit. The program also, a phone jack, and two USB ports.

This new box is reserved for customers in fiber optic, and even to those who have opted for theoffer Bbox Ultym charged € 42 per month (25 € for the first year). The new box will be available for subscribers from the end of the month of January, compared with a one-year commitment and activation fee of 29 €. The subscription price will not increase with this new box.

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