Bouygues Telecom will support the eSIM of the iPhone in the spring 🆕

Update at 10: 16 pm : the press service of Bouygues Telecom has confirmed to us the support of the eSIM in the spring. There is no date more precise for the time. In addition, according to our information, the support of the eSIM is currently being tested by staff of the operator.

While SFR has recently added to its offerings the ability to opt for the eSIM, the SIM card built-in virtual to all the recent iPhone, is that Bouygues Telecom will soon follow ? The last I heard, the operator simply stated that he was working on this technology, without more details and even fewer dates.

On Twitter, the official account of Bouygues Telecom has responded to a client that theeSIM is expected to arrive in the spring. This is, to our knowledge, the first time the operator gives a date, even if it is still quite vague, the spring commencing on 20 march 2020 and ending on 20 June. By the way, this is not an official communication of the press service of the operator and it is possible that the person who answered did not have the right information.

However, we knew that Bouygues Telecom had planned to manage the eSIM, so this announcement is not far-fetched. If it is confirmed, there will be more than Free to not handle this function and for once, the youngest operator in france has never shown the slightest interest in the eSIM.

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