Brigitte Macron and Caroline of Monaco makes for Stéphane Bern, a “winner”

During the evening, Brigitte Macron, installed with Xavier Darcos (Chancellor of the Institut de France), said a few words and greet the actions of Stéphane Bern. The Foundation Stéphane Bern for the History and the Heritage Institute of France has for mission to contribute to the protection of the Heritage and the funding of education projects and knowledge-sharing on the Story. “As soon As Emmanuel became president, I invited him to come talk to me of the Heritage (…). As soon As I found you, I saw you as a winner, because you are a winner, because you do you tilt never in front of obstacles. Before you go there. Thank you for your eagerness, “said Brigitte Macron in the face of the support, comparing Stéphane Bern to Don Quixote. The past of professor of literature and theater of the first lady has again resurfaced.

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