Browsers prehistoric Mac OS X

Today, to browse the Internet, you are using Safari, Chrome or Firefox, and it will seem quite natural. Purpose at a time, not so ancient, these browsers were not under the spotlight. Without rising to the glorious days of Mac OS 8 and Netscape Navigator (he had to go out and buy on the shelves of the Fnac), we propose to you today a little detour through the beginnings of Mac OS X.

The very beginning, even, because the first representative that we are coming out of the formalin is OmniWeb. Originally developed for NeXTSTEP, and then adapted to Rhapsody, it is presented here under Mac OS X Server, released in march 1999.

Omniweb was the first browser available in final version on this system. This is not surprising, since its publisher, The Omni Group, had been created specifically to develop software dedicated to the system NeXTSTEP, which was the basis for Rhapsody, then Mac OS X. Stis developers were somehow better placed to support Apple in its absorption of technologies developed by the teams of Steve Jobs during his absence from Cupertino.

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