Caesar 2020 : Marina Foïs, Cédric Klapisch claim that there is a “serious problem”

Each year, a selection of young actors affect the dream of the end of the fingers. Before the official appointments of Caesar will fall on January 29, for the 45th anniversary celebration, a dinner of revelations is organized for a handful of young shoots. But in 2020, it is against the background of a scandal that the celebrations took place. While it is customary for each one to come sponsored by a nice name of the sphere of French culture, certain personalities have been refused by the Academy, as Virginie Despentes gold Claire Denis.

The author of the saga Vernon Subutex would effectively have been mentioned to take under his wing, Jean-Christophe Folly – seen in The Corner death of Pierre Trividic and Patrick-Mario Bernard. Purpose the Société des réalisateurs de films revealed, in a press release relayed in a line, that the woman of letters had been disposed of by the Caesars. Same goes for Claire Denis, approached to be the godmother of Amadou Mbow – Atlantic , which was so-called “occupied” the night of the dinner. “It is by calling Claire Denis about another topic that I learned that she had never been approached to be the godmother of that whatsoever, “says Mati Diop, the director of the film. So can you explain to me why we have said that it was not available ?

A serious problem of running

These actions have been condemned by some professional in the world of cinema, the 13 January 2020, at the Petit Palais in Paris, where Marina Foïs – godmother of Sarah Henochsberg –, Michel Hazanavicius, and Cédric Klapisch. During their speeches, they each mentioned “a serious problem” and “the acts of opaque and discriminatory and unworthy”. Under pressure, the Academy of Caesar had come to accept these two marrainages : a happy ending for Amadou Mbow, a little less for Jean-Christophe Folly, who did not wish to take part in the festivities.

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