Caroline Receveur, soon a second baby ? The revelations of Hugo Philip

A few days ago, Caroline Receiver and Hugo Philip have celebrated their three-year love. Since their meeting, the young lovers have had a child named Marlon (1 year) and the little boy is apparently not close to having a little brother gold a little sister. Is Hugo Philip who has made this strange revelation… to be taken with a grain of salt.

It is indeed with a sense of humor as the candidate of Dancing with the stars, influence, and fashion model noted that a second baby was not on the agenda. The reason for this ? Marlon does not seem ready to take care of a younger gold junior. In his stories, Instagram, Hugo Philip was revealed to have asked his baby to take care of his stuffed lion “as his little brother“. The result is that the poor Simba found himself thrown against a cabinet, knocking over the walker and acting as a soccer ball.

With humor, Hugo Philip concludes : “The balance sheet is we are going to wait a bit before the second.” No second baby expected in the immediate future, therefore, but in any case, the couple does not seem opposed to the idea in the future.

That’s three years that Carolina Receiver and Hugo Philip are more in love than ever. The couple, who lives between Paris and London, has celebrated this anniversary on Friday, 10 January 2020. The handsome 30-year-old has also made a beautiful statement to the woman of his life on Instagram : “All these people who run without stopping, no intersect without see each other, brush against each other without touching, so that it would take so little, a moment, a stop, a word, a smile, so that their lives can be transformed, philosophizing-t-it in a series of shots. Three years ago to the day, I met in the street, the one that was going to destroy my life, make me fall for the first time lover, make me Three years later, when some of the movies claim that the magic disappears, you continue to fascinate me, inspire me and make me each day a little more crazy in love with you. I Love you.”

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