Caterina Murino : Wedding, baby, his fight against fgm... she confides

When we think of the filmography of Caterina Murino, one is reminded immediately of his role in the James Bond Casino Royale alongside Daniel Craig. Since then, the Italian actress has filmed in many movies, and she thanked France to allow him to have a career in the cinema.

Recently, it has seen play in the film of Michel Denisot, Any resemblance, but also in the series of TF1 is The time assassin. By the way, France is the country in which the Italian actress has decided to live with since 2003 as it is “like a French” as it was entrusted to our camera.

The confidences, this is not what was missing during this conversation, desires of marriage and baby-making position on the film of Michel Denisot, her fight against female circumcision… It is this last point that we met, the actress involved is indeed the godmother of the NGO AMREF. With dedicated teams, they fight against the sexual mutilation of women in Africa and in the world, it encouraged other people to sign the petition initiated by AMREF to speak out against this scourge.
An interview to discover in our video above.

The link to the petition is available here :

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