Catherine Laborde grandmother recently and “completely gaga” of his grandson

From 1988 to 2017, Catherine Laborde (age 68) has made the rain and the weather on TF1. At the age of 66 years, yet it has had to yield stis place to cause a neurodegenerative disease known as dementia with Lewy bodies. Since then, the former presenter is fighting daily against this evil that affects its movements and its cognitive functions. Cut off in his paris home, Catherine Laborde can count on the unwavering support of his family that has expanded. She confided to the magazine Paris Match.

Already mother of two daughters, Gabrièle (33 years old) and Pia (30 years), Catherine Laborde has also become a grandmother of a little boy named Saul, in August 2019. “She is completely gaga, “says Thomas Stern, her husband. In fact, this little boy came to brighten the days of the ex-leader, paced by a medical treatment, very heavy.

Goal Catherine Laborde is determined to enjoy life to the maximum, all the more that his family is still about to grow. His second daughter, Pia, is currently eight months pregnant while the daughter of her husband, also expects a happy event. “Subconsciously, one feels, in the family, that life must take over, “says Catherine Laborde, smiling at the side of those she loves.

The end of 2019, the former presenter was able to take advantage of the year-end holiday season in the company of his entire family. A rare opportunity, given that his daughter Gabrièle lives in New York and that her other daughter, became a midwife, working a lot in this period of the year. “The retirement and maternity leave have the right, “jokes the latter.

In 2018, Catherine Laborde had said that the announcement of his illness had affected many of his daughters : “They have not known right away, since the doctors were telling me not to talk about it. (…) I often take the comparison of the cyclone : as for me, I am in the eye, nothing happens, but on the right side, there are the winds stronger. When we speak of this disease to the people we love, they find themselves in the strongest winds. I have less fear of my disease that my loved ones“. Today, the former presenter may rely on the presence of his family and on the wind and the fresh air brought by the arrival of his grandchildren.

Find the confessions of Catherine Laborde in the magazine Paris Match, on newsstands from 16 January 2020.

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