Catherine Laborde sick : the heavy burden of its medical treatment “is very expensive”

When the doctors diagnose her illness, Catherine Laborde prefer to keep the secret, on their advice. Yet, two years later, the one who presents the weather every night on TF1 could no longer hide his trembling, and decides to take his leave in direct. Since then, the ex-moderator is resting at his parisian residence and following a medical treatment a revolutionary that seems to work.

When asked by the magazine Paris Match, Catherine Laborde, now grand-mother, ensures that it goes well. “I spent terrible moments, but for the past month and a half, it’s much better“, she says. And for good reason, since some time, the former miss weather has a heavy treatment that can help you feel less anxious, and especially to control his trembling. “You see, I don’t tremble, proudly declares the ex-moderator 68-year-old, pointing to her wrist. I knew you would come to 14h, so I took a medicine on the stroke of noon. If I had not taken it, I think I would be really uncomfortable.

Goal Catherine Laborde remains lucid : “These drugs reduce symptoms and contain the bread, but they do not heal !” At his side, her husband Thomas Stern explains : “It takes a drug to treat tremors, which is a specific therapy for Parkinson’s disease. It also has an anxiolytic in the morning and two in the evening, to have a quiet night. And it has a patch called Exelon, the only drug of which we recognize the effectiveness on the statements confounding related to this disease. It has also been ‘déremboursé’, which is a pure scandal !” In a Paris Match hors série dedicated to the secrets of the memory, Catherine Laborde had even added : “If you could see my bag of drugs… Even with the Safely and a good mutual, it is very expensive !

Fortunately for the former presenter, the treatment effect for the moment. It can, therefore, enjoy a true moment of calm before the symptoms back.

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