Cecilia (Koh Lanta) mom solo “exhausted” his confidences poignant

The account Instagram of Cecilia is a real open book. The young mother, 31-year-old never hesitated to convey stis doubts, its penalties or its concerns as on Monday 13 January. Following the hospitalization of his daughter Sway just aged 6 months, the former adventurer of Koh Lanta was keen to share his feelings on these last few days complicated that she had to live alone.

Mama strong, mama-getter, loving mom ! It is true. But here, it was a restless mom, and a mom exhausted and a mom under stress who had taken the top“, starts stis narrative. And to continue being part of his vulnerability : “I spent several nights without sleep, of times when my daughter was in so much bread that you skreg both times when I called my mom and friends for making me listen to it, and evacuate my fears… I had need of psychological support for not to become crazy.”

Fortunately, everything has ended up going in order for her baby who was suffering from a big bronchiolitis. To conclude, Cecilia would like to thank sti communitygrowing on (the) track“, which appears as a true support in(his) everyday life not always as easy as what you want to show on the networks.” In comments, users are once again shown to be benevolent against it. Even his girlfriend of the adventure game of TF1, Raphaële, sent her a sweet message, she is also a mom and who has experienced the drama of a miscarriage recently.

Since her separation with the father of Sway, Cecilia can only rely on itself to take care of his daughter. The latter not giving any more new and not seeming to worry about the fate of the infant either. “He is in denial of her child. To believe that all of a sudden, this baby, who was still HER baby until mid-may (even if it would be zero), is no longer his child today !“, confided it to the site to Speak of love.

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