Celine Dion : Poignant message four years after the death of René Angélil

While she has resumed her world tour, the Courage World Tour, Céline Dion did not fail to take the time to pay tribute to her late husband René Angélil. On his account Instagram, the 14th of January, the quebec diva has posted a picture and a message.

Celine Dion has circulated to its 3.9 million subscribers in a picture representative René Angélil, the man of her life, smiling with their dog in the arm. In legend, the interpreter ofImperfections writes : “there is not a day where I don’t think of your beautiful smile. We miss you, please watch over us, my love. I love you, Céline xx…” A short message, purpose poignant, which has upset sti fans : they rushed by the thousands to “like” its publication.

René Angélil, who discovered Celine Dion when she was still a teenager, which has made it a planetary star and his wife and the mother of his three sons, is death on the 14th of January 2016 in Las Vegas. He died at home, died of throat cancer. It was at the age of 73 years. Celine Dion and her his René-Charles (18) and twins Nelson and Eddy (9 years), still live in Las Vegas.

Since the death of her husband, Celine Dion has overcome her grievance and resumed his life as a pro and personally in hand. The diva 51-year-old has made his revolution in dress and music, as you can hear it on his last disc, entitled Courage ; the drive has exceeded the half-million copies sold. Side heart, she has denied the rumor of an affair with Pepe Munoz because the latter is gay. On the other hand, it does not close the door to love in the future… “I always seem to be the wife, the more fortunate of the world since I came out with the best, and the father of my children. Every day, I can still see him through my children. They like him so much. René has been with me all the time. (…) Will I love again ? I’m in love, love of my life, of my children, my work. Am I going to have a life partner ? We will keep abreast and, if it happens, I will show and it will be a pleasure. We evolve and maybe, sometimes, you meet a friend and, finally, it becomes something more safe. Who knows ?“, she said last September to Entertainment Tonight.

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