Céline Van Ouytsel elected Miss Belgium despite a crash and a bra lost

What was the probability that a candidate of Miss Belgium fall in direct, dropping her bra on stage, and that this person then won the contest ? Close to nil, and yet… Céline Van Ouytsel, a young woman of 23 years who is now holding the crown of Miss Belgium 2020, would probably have had to play the Euromillions this day.

Saturday 11 January, the contest of Miss Belgium 2020 stood at the Proximus Theater to The Failure. The young flemish from Antwerp has, for sure, marked by the jury for its fall memorable. Descending the steps, Celine Van Ouytsel takes the football in his robe bouffante and fall, finding himself on his knees on stage. Probably clinging to one of his huge sleeves feathers in the wings, a bra falls on the ground at the time of his fall !

Despite all of these events occurred in a quarter of a second, Céline Van Ouytsel does not let itself down and displayed a broad smile, as if nothing had happened. Obviously dangerous, these stairs have caused the downfall of the other two Miss that night. On social networks, the performance of the winner has been widely applauded, and the sequence of its fall (with underwear) ultra shared.

Céline Van Ouytsel is a successor to the Antwerp Elena Castro Suarez. “As a blonde, with the pink as a favorite color and with my law degree already obtained, I want to motivate our youth to make their dreams a reality and tell them to never give up“, she confided during his portrait, as reported in Evening Mag. With 70,000 followers before the competition, she had already been nicknamed “Miss social network”.

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