Charlene (Secret Story 11) pregnant with Benedict : the sex of the baby revealed

November 27, 2019, Charlene, a candidate who has participated to Secret Story 11 in 2017 with his companion Benedict, announced that she was pregnant with her first child. Sunday, January 12, 2020, in a video touching, the lovers have revealed the sex of their baby. And Benedict looks especially happy !

Pregnant twenty-four weeks, Charlene shows some time since a baby bump especially rounded. The pretty blonde who has always taken care of his body did not return it-even the speed at which it has grown. Further evidence that time passes quickly, she already knows the sex of her baby. Sunday 12 January, the lovers have announced to their subscribers that they would make this revelation and, at the appointed time, they both posted a video. On the the love punch balloons where they come out of the confetti blue. Charlene and Benedict will be soon parents of a little boy !

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