Child found dead in landing gear: a popular neighbourhood in the Ivory Coast is going to be shaved

Abidjan | The popular neighborhood of Adjouffou, which is adjacent to the Abidjan airport in the Ivory Coast, will be partially shaved, to establish a security perimeter, as a result of the discovery at the airport of Paris-Roissy on 8 December the body of a child in the landing gear of an airplane, authorities announced during a press conference on Wednesday.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the child of 14 years has no doubt climbed a wall of the airport and is attached to the wheels of the plane just before takeoff of a flight Abidjan-Paris.

Among the measures taken to prevent any new incursion, “the creation of a security perimeter, a strip of 200 metres around the fence of the airport, according to the director of the national authority of civil aviation, Sinaly Sinuate.

“It is not normal for the homes is based on the wall of the airport”, he says.

The neighborhood of Adjouffou, a popular area of high density with several thousand people is located on the right of way of the airport and therefore land belonging to the State, even if it is outside of the fence. He has many homes, shops and even a college and schools.

“By humanitarian concern ( … ), while the families settled illegally (…) the government” decided “to give time” by performing in several phases for the evictions, according to Hamed Diomande, director of cabinet of the ministry of Transport.

Thus, a strip of 200 meters around two-thirds of the perimeter in the areas of low density and an area of 50 meters in the heart of the neighborhood of Adjouffou will be created as soon as Monday, with bulldozers, supervised by forces of the order.

The areas included in the 150 meters remaining will be cleared in 45 days, at the beginning of march.

Sites to rehouse the evicted are in the study, has assured Mr. Diomandé who stressed that it is necessary “to liberate” (areas) once and for all”.

The authorities have not yet quantified the number of people who are going to have to leave their homes.

On Wednesday, residents who had been warned by the forces of the order had already started to move, taking away even doors and windows, according to Roland Pouamon, was taking that he will have to leave.

The death of the young Laurent Barthelemy Ani Guibahi, who was found dead Wednesday morning has moved all over the country but some are also worried about security measures around the airport in a country under the threat jihadist and who has been affected by an attack in march 2016 (19 deaths) in the resort town of Lagos close to the airport.