Cindy (Koh Lanta) -7 pounds in a month : its challenge to plan for the wedding

Cindy Poumeyrol well have extended her maternity leave to take care of her daughter Alba, she does not let go for the same. Quite the contrary, it has a very full agenda, including by reason of her marriage with Thomas to come. In fact, next February, the former finalist of Koh Lanta realized his love for his companion, with whom she spins the perfect love since three years. But before heading to the altar, Cindy must ensure to be the most beautiful.

To do this, she would still shed a few kilos of pregnancy, three months after his birth. During a q & a session on Instagram, the pretty blonde of 32 years has indicated a wish to lose 7 pounds for the day.”I weight now 67 kg. Goal : get down below 60 kg before the wedding. A month to get there, I believe !” As well, she admits to having made a plan at the beginning of the month of January. A resolution that is not a small feat for this mama bitch. “You should know that I eat very badly usually. I’m addicted to pasta and chocolate… I eat it every day, “admits before revealing his routine to find his line. “So, during my periods diet, I eat a lot of vegetables (green beans especially) and I have to stop the chocolate, I drink the milk plant, plenty of water, I eat fruit as a snack… And then very importantly, a physical activity ! I do a lot of sports and massage palpate-roll all night.”

Not sure, however, that she has managed to follow sti rules imposed during his burial life of a young girl. Cindy Poumeyrol was boarded by her friends in Switzerland, where she was able to reconnect with his passion : chocolate. In addition, the program was devoted to ski touring, slumber parties and challenges. Cindy did not hesitate to pose topless in the snow. Bachelorette party girls crazy, the best friends in the world ! So happy to have them all in my life. I discovered the Swiss eight years ago, and I had had a blow of heart for landscapes, lake Geneva, chocolate, and cheese, really spoiled to be able to bury my life as a young girl here. Thank you“, she entered, moved, once she returned home. Now, en route to the wedding !

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