Cindy (Koh-Lanta) : Already ready for a second baby, she confides (EXCLUDED)

Every day, we TFX, Cindy, a former contestant and finalist of Koh-Lanta 2019, reveals her daily rocked by the birth of her little Alba. With his beloved Thomas, the ex-adventurer has decided to participate in the show Moms & Famous. For the occasion, the young woman has agreed to answer a few questions Between sti small wonder, his marriage and his impending marriage, she shows us everything !

What do you want to show through this program ? That we are going to learn from you that you did not suspect ?

For those who have discovered in Koh-Lanta , or that I discover through my social networks, it will only reinforce the image that I conveyed. We approach parenting with decompression, it is not so much stressed even if you do know anything. We want to show that one is of the young parents in the cool and we saw the thing, even if one does not know what awaits us.

You are filmed prior to giving birth, that is-what we can see and that we haven’t seen on the social networks ? Of the delivery ?

No, we’re not going to see pictures of the birth. However, on our side, when we got to the maternity hospital, we made some videos to have memories and I feel them to production, so this will be new screenshots. It is true that at the base, these are moments that belong to us, but with the benefit of hindsight, I’ve decided to share them because I find them really cool, these videos.

In your portrait, you show a certain impatience to have the baby, the pregnancy was not a difficult one yet ! Be pregnant you did not like ? What has been the most difficult experience for you during your pregnancy ?

Then I had a super pregnancy, but it is true that the first three months, it is quite frustrating because one is tired, but it is not necessarily seen. In the second quarter, it pète the form, you will discover a new body and it is very nice. After the last quarter, clearly, I couldn’t take it anymore… we can’t do much of anything, you cannot move, you can no longer do the sport and then, I believe that the last two months, I blew the meter on the scale. So honestly, I had only one desire, was to give birth !

How many kilos have you taken during your pregnancy and how many have you lost since the birth of Alba ? How did you do it ?

All in all, I think that I had to take 25 pounds ! Fortunately, I’ve already lost a lot. He needs me to stay another 5 or 6 to lose. However, I haven’t done anything special and I even continued to make me happy ! Already, breastfeeding should surely help, and then, anyway, I was so captivated by my daughter that I spent days looking at it without taking the time to make me to eat.

Your couple has he taken a hit since the birth ? Tips on how to keep his married life when one has a baby ?

You have less time for each other, since one is now three. We understand that it is a little parenthesis, a period when it is dedicated in priority to our daughter. We keep in mind that the next month it was our honeymoon, we will be that all the two for ten days, it will do us well. The important thing is to communicate. At the beginning, it is true that with the fatigue, it is a little on the nerves and can quickly have a tendency to evil talk… He must really respect and communicate. Skip the awkwardness of each other, this is not obvious, but we learn together. Me I’m the lucky one, Thomas is very caring, very attentive, this is a huge support ! At home, he manages the chores, running errands, it is good practice !

Speaking of your darling, is that it has already happened to make blunders ? Why ?

Full of times, purpose, luckily nothing serious ! Once, he had to keep it and when I got back, I saw that he had put on pajamas six months when she was born. Poor thing, she had bequests in the air, it was pretty comical. When he must dress up, he often while in the disorder. He never knows when to put on the tights, if it is before or after the body. Well, once, he prepared a bath too hot… and then she had a little head under the water, but it was not far off (laughs).

Would you like a large family ?

Yes, really… I see the lives of mom and I love it. Before I was a woman, very active, I thought a lot of me, my comfort and my well-being. But then, I dream really of a large family. To tell the truth, at the end of the year, I would like to route the second…

When do you plan to return to work ? You have already extended your maternity leave of three months, do you take a parental leave ?

I think resume in April. No parental leave because I need to have a social life, to get up in the morning, to prepare me, to see the co-workers. Instagram is nice, but it’s still virtual, and I need to see in the world.

Where are the wedding preparations ? Denis Brogniart will there be a part ? What it will look like the ceremony ? And your dress ?

Almost everything is locked, it only remains that details like the decoration, for example. About Denis Brogniart, it will not now, no. Even though I love him very much, I still believe that he has something else to do than come to my wedding. For my dress, I chose a modern dress, a little sewing, it is frankly canon.

Your wedding will take place in a month, this winter, unlike a lot of people. Why this decision ?

I don’t like to do things like everyone else, and it is true that if I can differentiate myself, I’ll just go ahead. I found a wedding in winter, it was new, it was changing, and the level of strategy, there was less stress : many more seats available, level service providers, we do not need to hurry. In the summer, it is often the coupling between the holidays, the weddings, in general, it mind a little bit of all of the world. And then said December, said thirteenth month… the people can we make the envelopes a little more generous and men who will be in costume will not have a halo, it’s perfect ! (Laughter).

Why have you chosen to celebrate it as quickly after the birth of Alba ?

My darling asked me in marriage in December 2018, so we rigged it a year and two months after. It’s just that I got pregnant in the meantime, and there was no question to cancel the ceremony. Purpose fortunately it was able to do both, it is not impossible.

Would you be willing to participate again in Koh-Lanta if you are proposing ?

Out of Koh-Lanta, I said to myself “never again“. It is so hard and tiring, purpose finally with the benefit of hindsight, we can derive a huge satisfaction. Personally, I would be ready to rise again to the challenge, purpose showing something else from me, that is to say, by focusing on the sporty side to really show what I’m capable of.

A folder to us out of your bachelorette party girls ? And this photo topless, it was a bet ?

I was abducted by my friends in the morning… I have plenty of little anecdotes crispy that I can’t reveal here, but they have made me face up to challenges, as indeed do a nude photo in the snow. I can tell you that the prof de ski who was with us has not been disappointed !

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