CloudApp is available finally in the iOS app

Nobody wants to have somewhat forgotten CloudApp, which has begun stis existence, there are more than ten years as service sharing and storage of files of any type, before specialising in image and video. It is always important to facilitate the sharing of documents, purpose rather impaired, for individuals, creative studios and companies. The emphasis is put on the screen shots, GIFs, videos.

If it is possible to consult with its box, CloudApp directly from Safari, there are applications macOS, Windows, and Linux, as well as an extension for Chrome and recently, an app for the iPhone. It was about time !

The mobile application allows you to view files, manage favorites, create and edit collections (folders shared with collaborators), and send documents from your iPhone. This can be an image stored in the gallery, a file, a photo with the camera, or a recording of the screen to be carried from the app, which is actually still quite rare. All of this with a good intention, nevertheless it is a pity that it is not possible to annotate a document, or even view a PDF file.

It is a little light in the face of competition that has not waited for CloudApp to offer services that are otherwise more complete (whether you think of DropBox that starts to almost look like an operating system). The absence of a version for iPad is also a problem when it presents itself as a sharing service visual. CloudApp is available in several formulas, including a free one which limits the file size to 25 Mb per document, and a bandwidth of 1 Gb per day. It goes up to $ 17 per user per month for the Business version Annual.

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