Cyril Hanouna was “nearly killed” Mareva Galanter : a SMS of Arthur unveiled

It is well known, between Cyril Hanouna et Arthur, not everything is always rosy. A sudden best friends, a sudden cooling, the two animators often shoot in the legacy… Monday, 13 January 2020, on the plateau of Key not at my post, Cyril Hanouna is left going to a small confession. The victim of a car accident while he went to get his children to school, the hellion of C8 found himself in a very difficult situation…

However, Cyril Hanouna was not at the wheel. This is one of his friends who was driving : “As it is very lazy, he does not want to do a niche, and he returned to the us. But there was a mini Austin which was parked there and he has smashed !“, tells the host the flagship of the chain.

Very embarrassed by the situation, Cyril Hanouna eventually return to his home with his children, leaving his henchman to deal with the driver. But what was his surprise, just come to him, receiving a strange text message saying : “Brother, you wanted to kill my wife !” And this is no other than the facilitator Arthur who had just learned that his wife, Mareva Galanter, Miss France 1999, had been in a car accident. “It was the wife of Arthur ! As if by chance, he smashed his box ! It was very nice. Arthur came to see the damage and he told me : ‘It’s a bomb !’“, explained Cyril Hanouna, laughing.

If the presenter has escaped to the point, he however said to have laughed a lot in this situation with Arthur, who does him has obviously not held accountable, since his wife is out without a single scratch. Fortunately for the facilitator’s flagship C8, which avoids the scandal, purpose probably also a salty note…

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