Dead to pay for the care of her sick brother

The death of a student of 24 years old, who had moved to China in going without food to fund the medical care of her sick brother, raised Wednesday the indignation of many internet users.

Wu Huayan, whose both parents were dead and who was suffering from severe malnutrition, died Monday in a hospital in the province of Guizhou, according to the Newspaper Beijing Youth.

According to this newspaper, she is forced to spend only 2 yuan per day (0,38 $) for food, a meal usually made of white rice mixed with pepper.

Quoting his brother, the Newspaper Beijing Youth reported that Wu Huayan, measuring only 1 m 35 (4 feet 4 inches) tall and weighed up to 25 kilos (55 lbs) in recent years.

She had been admitted to the hospital in October and a doctor had stated that it required a surgical operation to repair his damaged heart.

His story, as reported by the press, as well as photos of her silhouette rickety, had caused a national emotion. A collection was reported over one million yuan ($190,000 canadian).

But his sudden death causes the wrath of internet users, who wonder how such an amount was not allowed to save Wu Huayan and his sick brother.

Because the student had not received 20,000 yuan (3785 canadian dollars) in November to fund his own care, according to the China Charities Aid Foundation for Children (SBACC), the charity that had organised the collection.

She and her family “wanted to keep the remaining money for the surgery and the rehabilitation,” said the organization in a communiqué issued after the death of Wu Huayan.

A statement that has not really convinced the internet users.

“Deadly,” commented one of them on the social network Weibo, the chinese equivalent of Twitter.

Many call the SBACC to immediately return the remaining money to the brother surviving. “Those who have misappropriated the money deserve to die,” wrote a Weibo user. “You should never trust these charities of shit,” says another.

A wave of corporate scandals has severely affected the confidence of the Chinese people in charities in recent years.

In 2011 in particular, the donations to the Red Cross society of china had collapsed after the publication on the internet of photos of a young surfer flaunting her wealth and claiming to be an employee of the organization.