Debate democrat: beyond the candidates, there are two main options

The six candidates who had qualified for the debate yesterday had the opportunity to make a good figure one last time before the Iowa caucuses on 3 February.

If you try usually determine the winners and the losers, the exercise is for the less difficult this morning. With the exception of billionaire Tom Steyer, whose speaking time was the lowest, the five other candidates have offered a performance which was expected.

All and All mastered their records and have pretty well exposed their vision of the management of the United States. I have nothing noted that could change the game significantly.

If I had to identify the one whose attitude and ideas stood out, I would go to Pete Buttigieg. I say since a few months already that it is conducting the best campaign. If I doubt (I know, it’s terrible), sometimes everywhere in the United States is ready for a president to be gay and married, Mayor Pete impresses me by his plumb, his talents as an orator and his approach.

That said, the leading trio of Biden, Warren and Sanders has not done very well, purpose has not offered new arguments. It should be said that after so many debates, it becomes difficult to impress otherwise than by attacks gold punchlines.

In this chapter, Sanders has carried the most shots, mainly in the direction of Joe Biden, while Warren has offered the best statement of the evening. At the time we debated the chances for a woman to gain access to the presidency, she noted that of the six candidates on the stage, Amy Klobouchar and she had never known defeat. His reply was to laugh and elicited applause.

Even if this debate should not greatly influence the voters of Iowa at the beginning of the month of February, or reverse the order in the polls, I remember mainly two things.

I still wonder who is the one who can galvanize the troops and getting out the vote on November 3rd. Bernie Sanders has argued with good reason that he is counting on a strong foundation and unwavering. Considered the most extreme of the progressive, we doubt, however, its chances to prevail in the pivotal States, where it counts. Biden still holds the advantage.

The other evidence that emerges after this debate lies in the fact that before you even choose a candidate, or a candidate, the party must first choose a direction. Once again, there were two separate camps on the stage.

Despite their recent cold, Sanders and Warren are offering a vision distinctly progressive, which seems to me more risky to 2020. On the other hand, Biden, Buttigieg and Klobuchar proposals are centrists who seem to me to be more wise for the time being.

Not everything was, however, not in Des Moines, yesterday. It must not be forgotten that Michael Bloomberg is conducting its own campaign never caring of the ritual as usual. Strong pool for personal uses it without restraint, it allows not to submit to the usual meeting with the editorial board of the New York Times.

The journal will announce the choice of its candidate or its candidate this weekend. If he supported Bloomberg for mayor of New York, it should not be the case this time. Have in spite of everything, an eye on Bloomberg, we would be wrong to ignore.