Dina Lohan drunk at the wheel : it runs to the ground head first

As we know, Lindsay Lohan has not spent his youth playing in productions Disney. Because of her various addictions, the actress has often been immortalized in many unfortunate posture. But it seems that this small through-flowing in his veins, as his mother Dina, 57 years old, was also apprehended by the police, on Saturday 11 January 2020, after having struck another vehicle on Long Island and will be buried. It was, in the words of the complaint retrieved by the Mail on Sunday, “tottering out of the car“. Lacking balance, it would have even collapsed, “falling to the ground ” head first“.

His breath smelled of alcohol, his eyes were bloodshot

The police have found Dina Lohan behind the wheel of his Mercedes-Benz, parked in front of his house located at Merrick – a place called the town of Hempstead, near New York city. “His breath smelled of alcohol, his eyes were bloodshot, and she had a hard time articulating, “says-t-on about his encounter with the officers. The mother of Lindsay would have then claimed not to have drunk only a glass of wine… while refusing the breathalyzer test. It has now become one of the police officers of having pushed during the altercation. He claims to have been the target of many insults. Ah, the evenings of Saturday evening

To answer of his acts

Dina Lohan has twisted the steering wheel at the exit of a barbecue restaurant around 18: 30. She wanted to make the trunk smooth… without counting on the tenacity of the victim, who was chased to his home. Since she refused to analyze her state of intoxication, she was’s arrested and ended up in the police department of Nassau. It should appear before the court, Hempstead, on Sunday January 19, 2020, for driving in a state of intoxication, without a driving licence and to have, of course, left the scene of the crime after having damaged the property of others. In 2014, Dina Lohan had previously been sentenced by the justice to the result of a situation similar. This should remind him of the memories…

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