Donald Trump is not a new Dick Cheney

This morning, I couldn’t resist the title of the article by the journalist and writer James Mann in the New York Times.

The recent strikes against general iranians in Iraq have prompted some analysts to make comparisons between the two most recent administrations republican, those of Donald Trump and George W. Bush.

James Mann will publish very soon a book about two of the elders of the administration of W. Bush, whose opposing views have influenced the development of the foreign policy of 43e president. Colin Powell has incarnated for a time in a holistic view, international (research and maintenance of alliances), the more nearly the position of the democrats, while Dick Cheney leans firmly on the side of the neo-cons.

The approaches are contrary to Powell and Cheney will face each other in a number of cases, particularly in those of the Iraq, Israel and North Korea. You know the following: Powell will leave the administration and Cheney will have a large influence on the policies of his superior. It is stated often that it is Cheney who is pulling the strings in the shadows.

Dick Cheney believed that the United States must lead year aggressive foreign policy and not to hesitate to resort to the strike force of the military. Strike pre-emptively and without waiting for the permission of the Congress could impose the respect. If this last sentence suggests that the strikes recently ordered by the president is inspired by the era of Cheney, it is nothing.

For James Mann, the approach of the administration to Trump is like no other. If Cheney has managed to impose, he succeeded in braving Colin Powell and convincing president Bush of the value of its argument.

We are supporters of Powell gold Cheney in this confrontation, it is necessary to minimally recognize that W. Bush could count on the advice of two men who are very experienced with their classes in the previous administrations.

Where the current president stands out, is that he surrounds himself not strong men whose opinions differ. It is the strong man. For many of its predecessors, has solution advised cam often to the shock of ideas. Donald Trump, for its part, requires only one thing of his advisers: loyalty.

You may believe that the current president is a leader of innovation which broke his chains and he comes out of the ruts of history, purpose which, within sti training policy or his circle of advisors, dare to contradict it now?

If out of the debates traditional that animated american foreign policy since the end of the Second War was a breath of fresh air, I do not think that it is wise to go without the opinion of experienced people gold ideologues interested to test their theories in the field.

Each administration must rely not only on solid expertise, but also strong-willed souls who do not hesitate to question the orientations of their colleagues around the table. It is usually so that it reaches a certain balance, and as we consider more options.

The administration Trump does not account for more of Powell than Cheney. If the balance sheet of the Bush administration was controversial, and that the war in Iraq comes back to haunt the current occupant of the White House, is that in spite of everything, desirable to surround yourself with blessed-yes-yes?

If you are interested in the writings of James Mann, I said that he is familiar with the administration of W. Bush and that he has already written a book on the former president and all his advisors.

You can read the argument in full the article by James Mann by clicking here.