Dylan Thiry and Fiji Ruiz accusé of scam: fresh complaints, Moundir denounces

Moundir only sees clearly not a very good eye some to influencers and especially some of the products they sell. But now, these posts which denounce of humorous way some of the practices have annoyed the famous candidate of Marseille (W9) Manon Marsault. In the comment of the first photo, she wrote : “I find unfortunate and hypocritical that you criticize so often the voucher codes, the influencers or the people reality-tv...” And then, the pretty brunette took out the claws : “was a time, you gave of coupon codes and if you have stopped it this is not by choice, purpose out of spite, because the marks did not renew your contracts… and that you are working each year with these influencers… the Moundir that I knew [through the issuance Moundir and apprentices adventurers, editor’s NOTE] and that I love… which made me surpass myself, led me to the victory, was not in the judgment, the criticism and was not slanderous… Good Sunday to you.

This post has the other hand a lot of laughs, Marvin Tillière, ex-candidate de Secret Story 2010, who also participated in the program Moundir and apprentices adventurers. It must be said that the young man has recently taken a position against the placement of a specific product, that is realized in particular by Dylan Thiry (ex-candidate de Koh-Lanta, also seen in the Battle of The couples), that he was accusé to have scammed hundreds of people, something that the young man has been contradicted. One of his victims is also Clo (Koh-Lanta) that gave us the revelations in exclusivity.

The case is gaining momentum

Marvin and Clo are far from being the only ones to accuse Dylan Thiry of scam, and it is this that Moundir then wanted to show in Story. Notably, he relayed the message to a woman who said that she, as a victim of product placement. She is rumored to have been blocked, notably by the candidate’s reality television show when she was asked to be reimbursed after you have bought headphones 21Pods and adds nothing received (purchase made on November 29, 2019). It then discusses Dylan and his girlfriend Fiji of “thieves” and she said she has had no response after having supplied a name to be repaid on the SAV (@21podsoff it Instagram, account relayed by Dylan Thiry) after the delivery deadline of thirty days has been exceeded.

The journalist Stéphane Larue, who has investigated the trade mark, for his part, pointed out that after-sales SERVICE. On Instagram, he wrote : “so This is it ! 21Pods returns to the controls and as a result the products are in ‘transit’. As they obviously did not have the hand on the stock, they may not proceed to a refund. They bet on the fact that the customers will receive the products, will not be back and as it comes obviously from China, returns are almost non-exist, because it is very complicated ! It is fuming.

The complaints accumulate and, therefore, concentrate on Fidi Ruiz and Dylan Thiry. Has account Facebook with more than a thousand members has seen the light of day.

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