Élie Semoun: His father, suffering from Alzheimer's disease, “dark small”

He has the heart, sometimes to laugh, sometimes a little less. Élie Semoun, whose job is to bring joy into our cottages, also knows how to play on the heartstrings when it should. Affected by Alzheimer’s disease that plagues his father, Paul, the comedian has shared the emotions that were currently going through. On Instagram, the companion of Anaïs regularly gives news, explains how to operate things. “My dad that you like dark little by little, “he explains,” on Instagram on January 13, 2020. It is a reality that can be funny and dramatic, but it is a reality. For the moment, it is more exciting than serious.”

It seems that I wake up, I make a dream to the con

To accompany his words, Élie Semoun has shared a video of her father, who is trying, with some difficulties, to put words on his bread. “I’m not normal. I discovered, “he says with a tender look. I know that I know. Here, it seems that I wake up, I make a dream to the con. I regret it. I am not at home, I know that I am not at home. But that is what I am doing here ? How I got there ? How long I’m here ? I laugh because I wonder what will happen to me. It is not possible that, in the life.

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