#EmojiBZH, a campaign on Twitter to finally add the flag breton to easily add emoji

The Britons want their flag in the easily add emoji and they do know!!! After a petition launched in 2018, a new step for the gwenn ha du finally finds a place in the keyboards dedicated to easily add emoji. The objective now is to convince the Unicode consortium to the public interest carried the flag. It is this entity that defines the official list of objects and ideas that all manufacturers of smartphones should then draw and add to their collection.

To prove this interest, the association that advocates for the addition of the emoji encourage all fans of the flag breton post messages on Twitter using the hashtag #EmojiBZH. The social network will display on its website and in its apps official the flag breton side of the key word, and up until the 9 February. If the operation meets the desired success, it may finally be the flag breton permanently in the hand !

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