Ethan Suplee (Earl) reveals the underside of her impressive weight loss

Actor Ethan Suplee has left his fans speechless by revealing his amazing weight loss. The actor, 43-year-old has decided to document his diet in his new podcast, American Glutton.

In the first episode of the podcast, released earlier this week, Ethan Suplee has revealed his relationship with food and how it has changed over the years. He first talked about bad clothes and admits that he weighed 90 kg before 10 years. “I learned very quickly that if I wanted a second serving of lasagna, when I cleaned my plate, I had to eat in the kitchen without they see, that I was not supposed to have that second serving of lasagna”, said Suplee in his podcast. Her parents have, therefore, made to the plan.

But for the time being, its weight increases at the same time that his career took off. He is memorable for his role in The Most Beautiful of the fighting and for having played with Randy in the series, Earl. The click occurs in a plane, when he met the actor Jim Caviezel. The conversation painful about hell and Jesus, who pushes him to be put in the plan.

He tries all the diets and did the yo-yo : he weighed 240 kg 99 kg, when there was so much bike that it would have been able to get through all the stages of the Tour de France. In 2017, it starts on the bike and pedal “ten to eight hours per day, six days a week, sometimes up to 160 kilometres per day. “My wife said to me ‘this is not a job’”, he says in his podcast. However, the series Earl is over and he can fully concentrate on the cycling. “After a few years, she said to me ‘go to work, we are not rich, you need to find a job’.” But it does not find one because the casting directors want big. So he had to pick up a bit of weight before going back on the sets.

Now stabilized, it displays 90 kg less on the scales. Throughout his life, Ethan Suplee is estimated to have won and lost about 450 kg !

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