Explosion in a chemical plant in Spain: the balance sheet rises to 2 dead

The emergency services have discovered Wednesday a body in the chemical plant in Tarragona (northeast of Spain), theatre on the eve of an explosion followed by a fire , making up the balance at two dead.

The previous balance sheet was made state of a death. The catalan minister of the Interior, Miquel Buch has confirmed the second death, to the effect that a body had been located under the rubble on the site of the factory in The Canonja, in the outskirts of the port city of Tarragona.

Hundreds of firefighters have been mobilized throughout the night to contain the fire, which occurred Tuesday night a little before 19: 00.

The first victim died in the interior of a building situated in a town close to the industrial park, which collapsed due to the shock wave.

Two other people were hospitalized with serious burns, according to rescue. Another person is suffering from burns least serious and five others were slightly injured.

According to Miquel Buch, firefighters are still trying to extinguish the fire, but the situation is stabilized. “The materials burned still and it has to be cool, that is why it cannot yet be said that the fire is over,” he said to journalists, adding that the region had declared two days of mourning in tribute to the victims.

According to firefighters, has thirty machines have been mobilized to contain the fire and cool down including a tank of ethylene oxide to the plant IQOXE.

The residents around the plant have said that they had not been warned of the explosion, explaining that the warning sirens were not triggered.

“We did not know what was happening! We called 112 (emergency number) and they said that they were aware of nothing, ” testified a resident of Tarragona, Mabel Martinez, on the public channel Catalan TV3. “I found it shocking that the sirens were not triggered “.

The deputy head of the regional office of civil protection has accusé IQOXE dragging stis feet to give details about the accident. “The protocols have not been respected,” said Sergi Delgado on the airwaves of the radio in the Catalan RAC1. “This has led to delays “.

Purpose the director-general of IQOXE, Jose Luis Morlanes said that his company, whose products are used for anti-freezing fluids, dehumidifiers, detergents and cosmetics, which wasn’t in the wrong. “We are closely co-ordinated with the authorities and have followed all of their instructions “, he assured journalists.

He also said that the causes of the explosion was not clear in the immediate future.