Fanny (Secret Story 10) transformed : in lingerie to reveal her exact weight

In 2019, Fanny Rodrigues had probably made the resolution to take care of it. Throughout the year, the former candidate of Secret Story began with the challenge of losing weight. Successful bet for the pretty Portuguese since it was revealed last October to have managed to shed 35 kilos, thanks to a product supposed to make you lose weight. A dramatic action which has completely transformed the young woman of 26 years.

More proud than ever of his new body, Fanny is no longer shedding the urge to post pictures of her in a little outfit on Instagram. On Tuesday 14 January, it is, therefore, in his underwear, she appeared on the social platform. Flat belly, face refined… sti silhouette impresses. In the caption of the photo, she indicates her current weight, namely,”58 pounds“.

Fanny had taken naturally weight these past few years because of her first pregnancy. A small happiness that she had announced live at a premium of Secret Story in 2016. “I’m not alone. I learned this week that I was going to be a mum. I’m expecting a small baby. I was accompanied by a doctor, I’ve done all the tests he needed. I had the opportunity to talk with the future dad and future grandpa, ‘said she with emotion. Nine months later, on may 10, 2017, a small Diego pointed the tip of his nose. Since that time, Fanny was completely captured by its new role of mom. If Diego is, of course, always at the centre of her life, she has learned to make time for it, which is not to the delight of his many fans. In the comments, people were quick to congratulate her on her hard work. “I love your strength of will“, “You’re beautiful“, “Perfect“, “You’re a year inspiration“, one can read among others.

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