Faustine Bollaert sad : Death of a candidate It starts today

Thanks to his show, That begins today, Faustine Bollaert has the chance to meet people from all walks of life and with whom she develops great relationships. Unfortunately, Tuesday 14 January, the counsellor gave well sad news about one of the participants of the programme recently died.

A great sadness. I think of her family… strong. This woman was solar“, has registered the mother of Peter and Abbie after having retweeted a message posted by the official account of It begins today. “It is with great sadness that we learned of the disappearance of Danielle, came to our tea on October 17th. A woman full of freshness and humor that we enjoyed receiving. The whole team sends to his family its most sincere condolences“, it was indicated initially.

At the time, that Danielle had made the trip on the plateau of France 2 to participate in a number devoted to people of “small size“. His personality had marked the spirits and attracts number of viewers. And for good reason, Danielle appeared to be a person cheerful, funny and above all determined to follow her dreams in spite of the delay of growth. A delay which has had significant consequences. “There was no diagnosis. There was no name. I am much younger than my age. But inside, there are things that do not work well. The trachea, lungs… I was very sick, “confided the pensioner at the time.

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